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Roast Levels

Each coffee roaster in existence has varying definitions of their coffee roast levels (i.e.- one roaster's medium roast might be a different roaster's light roast). This is one reason in particular that we include the Agtron Roast Level on each of ou

Tasting Notes & Flavored Coffee

What do the "Tasting Notes" mean? Are your coffees flavored?. Any mention of flavor on our site or the physical packaging of our coffees is a part of the coffee beans' inherent, natural taste profile. The only ingredient in our coffee bags is coffee,

Roast Consistency & Quality Assurance

Throughout our many years of roasting coffee, we have tracked our roasting practices and have thus obtained and maintained a consistency that allows for alterations when needed. All of our roasted coffee beans undergo a thorough check for quality con

Rocks In Coffee

Why are there rocks in my coffee? (via Cary, Director of Coffee)

Brew School

Employing professional, industry-leading educators, we offer a range of individually-curated, consumer-facing Brew School classes in our Brooklyn Cupping Lab. Classes are designed for coffee novices and experienced baristas alike, with available clas


Coffee Bags & Cold Brew: There is only one ingredient in our bags of coffee, including our cold brew, and that one ingredient is- coffee! There are no additional flavors or preservatives, and the tasting notes associated with each coffee are based on

Caffeine Levels

Decaf: Our decaf is what's called Mountain Water Process- which uses hot water and careful filtration to extract and remove caffeine. Coffee: Our bags of coffee, including our Cold Brew and Instant Coffee, maintain expected, average levels of caffein


While our coffees don't vary in actual acidity (as in pH levels), there is a slight varying perceived acidity among our offerings - we associate this with what we call brightness. Easy to remember- the lower the brightness, the lower the perceived ac

Coffee Storage

The best way to open our coffee bags is to use a pair of scissors to cut straight across the top of the bag, leaving the black plastic tie (for 12oz bags) or tape (for 2lb and 5lb bags) attached to the main part of the bag. After opening, coffee can

Coffee Expiration

We recommend using coffee within 4 weeks of its roast date (month/year labeled on the back of every bag). But if you like to keep your coffee beans for longer, no problem! Our coffee beans are safe to use up to 6 months after their roast date. For mo


In general terms, the scale of coffee-brewing is primarily dependent on extraction- the act and measurement of the level of coffee that ends up in a final brewed result. Striking the perfect balance throughout the brewing process can be difficult to