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Rocks In CoffeeUpdated 5 months ago

Why are there rocks in my coffee? (via Cary, Director of Coffee)

  • Coffee is an agricultural product, as is the case with beans or lentils, rocks or other foreign objects can sometimes find their way into a coffee bag. Especially in regions where coffee is sun-dried on patios, small rocks or debris from the surrounding environment can unintentionally mix in. During dry milling coffee undergoes a meticulous quality control process which includes optical sorters, destoners, and gravimetric tables, but there's still a chance of oversight due to the prevalence of foreign objects that can be of similar size, shape, and densities to unroasted coffee. Although we make every effort to ensure that no customer receives a bag with rocks, unfortunately, there are instances where this may be missed. We strongly encourage customers to double-check their coffee beans before grinding to ensure a smooth brewing experience. 
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