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Roast Consistency & Quality AssuranceUpdated 5 months ago

Throughout our many years of roasting coffee, we have tracked our roasting practices and have thus obtained and maintained a consistency that allows for alterations when needed.

All of our roasted coffee beans undergo a thorough check for quality control to ensure that each bag of coffee is the best we can offer. This process includes sorting out any undesirable beans (over/under-roasted, empty casings, excess chaff, rocks, etc.), but occasionally some of these undesirable beans filter through our processes and end up in the final product. Unfortunately, no roaster has completely mastered a process in which every single undesirable bean is removed, but the coffee industry faces new innovations each and every day!

Why are some of the coffee beans in the same bag different colors?

Mild color variation among coffee beans is very normal, especially if the coffee is a blend of coffees from various origins. Because coffee is an agricultural product, color and size variations are to be expected, as with all agricultural products. Due to these natural variations, each bean will react in a slightly different way during roasting, resulting in these mild variations.

Why doesn't this coffee taste the same as it has in the past?

In order to follow support and follow agricultural seasonality, we will occasionally change the components of our mainstay offerings to allow for the best coffee possible. When such changes occur, we edit our product pages and product information, ensuring that both our staff and customers are provided with updated knowledge regarding our various offerings. If an offering does undergo a component change, the distinct tasting notes will be altered, as one coffee will not taste the exact same as a different offering, even if both are from the same region or producer. We aim to keep the overall flavor profiles of our Mainstays consistent, even when a change is made, so careful consideration goes into every element of our coffee selection process.

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