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Hario V60 Switch RecipeUpdated 5 months ago

Hario's Switch Immersion Dripper is a modified version of their classic V60 design, combining pour over and immersion brewing into a single, simple-to-use device.

Our Director of Coffee, Cary, focuses on versatility and fun in this recipe utilizing Hario’s V60 Switch. Check it out and maybe even find your next favorite brew method in the process! 


  • Servings: 1 person
  • Coffee: 15g
  • Grind: Medium-Fine
  • Water: 240g
  • Water Temp: 195-205°F
  • Ratio: 1:16
  • Brew Time: 4:00 min


  1. Pre-wet filter and discard excess water
  2. Add 15g medium-fine ground coffee into filter and begin timer
  3. (valve open) 00:00 - 00:10, slowly pour 30g hot water in circular motions
  4. Let "bloom" for 40 seconds
  5. (valve open) 00:40 - 00:55, slowly pour to 140g in small, circular pours
  6. 1:15 - close valve, slowly pour to 240g in small, circular pours
  7. 2:30 - open valve, let drain
  8. 4:00 - close valve, remove dripper 
  9. Enjoy!

Watch the video here!

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