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Order Missing or Incorrectly Marked DeliveredUpdated 5 months ago

We've found that our shipping providers will oftentimes mark a package as delivered (whether manually or via the GPS on their delivery vehicles) despite delivery not being made. We ask that you allow for 2 days to confirm that a package was misdelivered. In most cases, incorrectly marked packages are delivered within this 2 day timeframe.

If you've waited that amount of time, we ask that you call your local post office to confirm that this package is lost. At that point, we also suggest checking in with your neighbors, building managers, front desk staff, etc. as to whether or not they received your order by mistake.

Unfortunately, issues with USPS/UPS are difficult to troubleshoot, as these are errors that occur within their respective systems, outside of our control. If you have followed all the above steps, please reach out to customer support ([email protected]) with your tracking number and order information. Our team will then review your case and resolve any issues as soon as possible.
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