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Order DelayedUpdated 5 months ago

Whether due to higher-than-normal order volume, weather delays, or anything in-between, production and shipping delays remain an unfortunate reality of online ordering. With this in mind, and in order to reduce associated frustrations, we always aim to communicate when such delays are encountered. Our shipping partners do not always stick to this ideal and our team is not always made aware of delays that occur within UPS/USPS's respective networks, so we always encourage to check the tracking information provided once an order ships out to remain updated on the order's status and journey.

Why is there a delay?

  • Delays can occur for any number of reasons, but are typically due to issues in production or issues in shipping. 
    • Thankfully, if a delay occurs on the production side, our team is immediately aware and shares this information very openly. These such delays typically only occur during popular holidays or long weekends due to high order volume.
    • If a delay occurs on the shipping side, however, our team is not always made aware- as once our shipping partners are in possession of a package, we retain very little control throughout the rest of the package's journey. These such delays typically occur during popular holidays or when adverse weather conditions are present (excessive rain, snow, etc.), but can also occur due to issues within UPS/USPS's respective systems.

I received a message that my order was delayed. When can I expect it to arrive?

  • Once a delay has been experienced, our team sends out a message to each customer affected, sharing the information of the delay. Once such messages have been sent out, we typically see orders being sent out within 2-4 days, although times may be shorter or longer depending on the delay itself.

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